Thursday, June 27, 2013

An easy way to eliminate smoking addiction

Not easy to eliminate the desire to smoke, especially after eating, not true?
but if you think about smoking spending money, still is not good for health.
I just want to share tips, if you feel these tips useful, please share.


* Prepare the mind, determined to quit smoking.
* Avoid / stop drinking coffee. Replace with sweet tea or candy.
* Try, drink several glasses of water every time up early.
* Next, create a schedule:

* Date 1-7: avoid smoking before 10:00 pm. May smoke every day but it must be remembered just after 10:00 pm.
* Date 8-14: Do not smoke before 12.00 noon (lunch).
* Date 15-21: Do not smoke before 15:00 pm.
* Date 22-28: Do not smoke before 17:00 pm.
* Date 29-3: do not smoke before at 20.00 (night).
* Try to smoke at 10:00 PM on 22. You will taste the bitterness of cigarette smoke and the aroma that will make you hate cigarettes.

When the temptation to smoke annoying, try to divert your attention to the following mild exercise, jogging, and so on. The most important habit to drink water.

Do not settle soon, if you have completed this program. Therefore, there is still a threat that awaits you. Yag biggest threat came from a friend who happens to cigarette smokers and usually offers.

However, if you made ​​it through the transition at least one week for your chance to really get out of the bondage of cigarettes, it's good.

Good luck!

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