Thursday, June 27, 2013

Share and be Happy

Once there was a boy 5th grade elementary school named Adi. Every day, Adi arrived at school early in the morning. Usually when he came, not a single classmate who came.
One day, during breaks, Adi surprised at lunch brought from home is reduced by half. "Who the hell took my lunch?" she thought to herself as she looked around suspiciously to class.
Coming home from school, recounted the case of the missing lunch to his mother. "Mothers do not forget to prepare himself for me as much as two pieces, right?" Adi asked curious.
"Yeah, you remember once you prepare himself two pieces, instead of a piece," said the mother Adi assured.
A week later, when she returned to the classroom, accidentally, Adi surprised to see the school guard sneaking into an empty classroom. He opened the bag and took a piece of his lunch Adi. Then hurried away to face seemed depressed and moody.
Coming home from school, Adi recounted the incident to his mother. "Mom, it turns out the thief the caretaker. Adi What to do, mom? If Adi report to homeroom teacher or principal, he would be penalized, perhaps even expelled from school. Pity you, ma'am. Though a good man, but is done it wrong ".
Smiling fondly, her mother replied, "mom advice, do not be reported first to the school. Well acquainted with my family the school guard. He's not a villain. Surely because he had to take half bekalmu. And still kind enough to leave half of it to Adi, Adi order not hunger. Tell you what, tomorrow will be a lot more Mothers prepare lunch, twice than usual. Adi gave a pack to guard the school. Simply pass it, no need to reprimand or say anything to him. We'll see what the reaction is, right? "
The next day, Adi met guards and handed a packet of school supplies. Caretaker was shocked for a moment, his face pale and amazed. With shaking hands, receiving the gift. His eyes looked glazed.
He stammered as he said, "Thank you, thank you kids. Apologize I have taken a half ration supplies son Adi. I truly regret and haunted by feelings of guilt. Did because I had to. Son sick father, whereas we do not enough money to buy food for father's wife to give birth costs. Kindly forgive me, kiddo. promise I will not repeat it. And thank you for not reporting to the school so that I can still work. Convey apologies and our thanks to your mother. Indeed his mother good and wise ". Nodding happy, Adi left the school caretaker.
outstanding readers,errors, although for whatever reason, would not be true. Want to realize, admit mistakes, and apologize is a greatness of soul. And promised not to repeat is the highest wisdom.
Conversely, can forgive people who wronged us are even willing to give aid and revive him, not only peace of mind but also shows us, humans, as a godless creature. So obviously, if you can share, we will be happy. Share and be happy.
Thus from me, AW, action and wisdom motivation training.Success is my right, my success is right.Greetings tremendous success!!!

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